Bootstrap your CSS

A lot of webdevelopers do repeating tasks on each project they make. One of these repeating tasks is building your CSS too make the project look great! With bootstrap – which is a project of twitter – most of all CSS styling is already done for you and enables you to easily extend it.

You can find Bootstrap at :

TinyMCE – Uncaught TypeError: cannot call method ‘push’ + spellChecker

Recently I tried to integrate the php spellchecker of TinyMCE into a project we’re working on, when I stumbled upon the error:

uncaught typeerror cannot call method ‘push’

Googling around I found the solution to the problem by upgrading the TinyMCE package to a newer version (3.4.5). Hope it helps – because I didn’t found that much information on the internet about it.


If you trim files that we’re exported using UTF8 encoding then be carefull that you also trim the non-breaking spaces in it. The default options of trim() do not include this, so you have to use the following code to be sure to also trim them:

// turn non breaking space into 'normal' string
// to behave exactly like a non-breaking space
$myHTML = " abc";
$nbSpace = array_flip(get_html_translation_table(HTML_ENTITIES, ENT_QUOTES));
$converted = strtr($myHTML, $nbSpace);
// trim utf8 non breaking spaces
$converted = trim($converted,chr(0xC2).chr(0xA0));