Ubuntu recovery mode does not work

Yesterday I was having trouble entering the recovery mode of Ubuntu. Selecting the recovery mode just resulted into a normal boot even when I added “single” to the kernel boot options in Grub. A friend told me that adding the following phrase to the kernel boot options would help me drop to the root prompt without having the root filesystem mounted.

# Append the following part to the kernel line in GRUB

CakePHP Plugin for New Relic

New Relic is an application monitoring solution for PHP (and other languages) which gives you more information about the performance of your application. It works well with all major frameworks (including CakePHP). Little problem for me is that CakePHP has it’s own error handling – which catches any error before it can be fetched by the New Relic PHP agent.

Because our server and availability monitoring is already done by New Relic, I decided to build a custom error handler in CakePHP which uses the PHP API of the New Relic PHP Agent. So all monitoring can be done through New Relic.

You can find the plugin with the error handler here: https://github.com/turnred/newrelic-cakephp (Work In Progress)