Composer increase timeout

Sometimes when you have a slow connection and you need a lot of files using composer (ie. Symfony or something..), a ProcessTimedOutException is thrown. In order to give composer a little bit more time to retrieve the data, you can temporarily increase the timeout exporting the following variable


HHVM show php errors

This more or less is a note to myself. I was struggling to find a way to show the php errors on the screen (always useful when you’re debugging..). But it took me a whole to find out how it worked, but after some googling I found that the following line did the same as display_errors:

hhvm.debug.server_error_message = true


Atom, a new text editor in town

The people of Github have started a great new project “Atom”. Atom is a text editor, which they claim is “A hackable text editor for the 21st Century”. Looking at the screenshots, it looks very promising, only I haven’t had the chance to play with it. At this time they only provide builds for Mac OS X, but you can make your own build for Windows and Linux too.


More information here:

Case sensitive find on CakePHP

This blogpost is not about how you can adjust your find statements to make them case sensitive on CakePHP. Instead if you want your find to be case sensitive just make sure your database takes care of this by using the utf8-bin collation.

That’s right, only changing the collation makes sure your SELECT queries become case sensitive!


Vagrant hangs at boot/GRUB (FIX)

When Vagrant hangs at boot time and GRUB is being displayed, then perform the following steps to get your vagrant machine working again.

  1. Stop the machine using the Virtualbox GUI
  2. Start the machine using the Virtualbox GUI
  3. Perform “update-grub” as root user (or with sudo)
  4. Stop the machine using the Virtualbox GUI
  5. Start the machine headless using “vagrant up”

MongoDB Indexes

Indexes are the subject of week 4 of MongoDB University. Don’t worry the weeks between 1 and 4 will come along 😉

Indexes are the single most important factor in database performance. Having no indexes or indexes on the wrong fields can make your application extreme slow. Lees verder

Python Basics

About a month ago I decided to broaden my horizon by signing in for a study of MongoDB. It turned out that this course was given in Python, another language that was on my wishlist. Currently I’m in week 3 and I felt it was time to make a little summary for the things I’ve learned. Lees verder